River Rafting

White water river rafting is one of the most popular adventures tourism activities in Nepal. Most of the Himalayan Rivers are running from north to south by creating high speed white water rapids that are the exciting for our river trips. There are many famous white water rivers like Trishuli River, Sunkoshi River, Seti, Marshyangdi, Kali Gandaki and Karnali rivers for rafting trips.

For adventure loving people, the torrential rivers provide a sample opportunity to enjoy river rafting in Nepal. Whether professional or amateur, white water rafting in Nepal provides a unique chance to see the natural beauty, flora and fauna, and enjoy the beautiful landscape in the most memorable way: by river-road or trail. These river trips take you deep into the country where you can enjoy the untouched landscape, picturesque villages, and beautiful farming terraces. Besides that various recreation activities can be done during the river trip, such as, swimming, sun bathing, festival, sightseeing, animal viewing and bird watching etc.

Our rafts are built to withstand the heaviest of punishment while comfortably accommodating ourselves and the supplies and equipment needed for an extended river journey. An experienced helmsman pilot from the stern, but paddle-power is needed from everyone to position the boat in the current line for the rapids. The 16 foot “rafts” takes a maximum of 8 people and usually operates in pairs to provide mutual support and spread the equipment load. Lifejackets are worn at all times and safety helmets are also used through the major rapids.

Best Season for Rafting

Autumn: September through November and Spring/summer: February through June will be best for river rafting in Nepal, however, we organize day trips in cold winter: December and January too.

TRIP KIT (things to pack)
River wear gear: shorts- half pant, T-shirts (long sleep for sun protection), swim wear, Sun Cap/Glass/Cream, personal water bottle, a pair of river sandals and a towel.

For the camp site wear: Personal sleeping bag, lightweight shirts, Trouser/pant, under garments socks, a towel, light shoe, Fleece type pullover, flash light, personal toiletries, camera, reading and writing materials, medication recommended by your doctor.